About Us

After graduating with a degree in Environmental Studies, Angela realized that design & gardening was where her heart was, so she changed careers and channeled her energy into creating her first shop on Etsy, where Printhousedesign1 can be found.  After several years on Etsy and gaining followers on social media, Angela’s fresh ideas and teaming with her Hubby, Chris they quickly attracted a long customer roster and loyal following. In 2021, Angela and her husband Chris decided to launch and expand their gardening Shop with one directive in mind, “Simply Garden.” With a vision that beautiful design and gardening can be approachable, Printhousedesign1 and now The Gardenocity Shop has become one of the popular 3D printed/ garden Shops for anyone who loves plants!


Today, Angela and Chris continue to design, 3D print, and blog about gardening for their loyal followers and customers.